Bootracer Premium 9.6.0 Crack + License Key Free Download {2024}

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Bootracer Premium Crack is a very simple yet feature-rich utility designed to determine the exact speed at which your operating system boots. There is also a special history log, in which all data receive when the computer is booting are recorded every day. You can download the torrent version of windows pc boot time It directly from us by following the link located on this page. After a period of time after the system has started up, you can see the test results.

Bootracer Premium Free Download is necessary in order to control the download speed of the computer because this problem is widespread when the device thinks for a long time and freezes. Therefore, users can thus easily check whether the system is working or has problems. Parallels Desktop Crack. If you only want to display the boot time this time, then you only need to click “advanced”-“options” and select “only once”.

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Bootracer Premium 9.6.0 Crack + Serial Key {Latest}

Bootracer Premium Portable Key should be note that the program has an English interface. It can not only calculate the total length of time the system starts, and the system can monitor the login time, the system displays the desktop time, and finally give the same rating to the calculation! Boot speed (BootRacer) compared with other test software Windows startup speed, (BootRacer) boot speed is more pure and accurate. The boot time calculated in this way is very accurate.

BootRacer can count the time spent in each step of the boot, not just the entire boot time. You can see the time it took to start the login interface under the score, and the login interface will be fully activate. The time spent is finishing, and total time the time spent in the login interface. Also, there is the possibility of optimizing the system, which has a positive effect on the speed of turning on the computer.

Download Bootracer Premium Free Crack + Serial Key Technical Details

Bootracer Premium is also very easy to use. After clicking the advanced option, there will be a detailed guide to help you step by step! After installation, the software is automatically set to automatically start every time Windows starts. Mindomo Desktop Crack. BootRacer will display a timing screen when starting up, do not use the mouse and keyboard at this time, wait for some time after the system is start, you can see the test results. For this, just select “No. Race is hidden in the background” in “options”-“show”. It is comparable to the computer that directly enters the desktop.

This program is completely free, therefore it does not require entering an activation key. For BootRacer, all boot-up programs are start before it is consider as the real boot time, not until the BootRacer program is start. So you will see that after the software is start, it will count for a while so that the statistics of the boottime are the most accurate and accurate. If you have a password when logging in, you should subtract easily disable the entire boottime from the time spent on the login interface.

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User Windows Boot Time Easy To Use And Convenient With LIcense Code App

It is completely free, and you can set whether to display the startup time every time you turn on the phone. It can be set not to display the system startup time in the lower right corner when booting up. As a result of the startup button time, it will score the boot speed, for example, the score on the picture is “excellent” (excellent). This is also the most important point. Do not use the mouse and keyboard at this time.

 Key Features of Bootracer Premium:

  • Real-time monitoring of Windows boottime.
  • Historical boottime tracking and analysis.
  • Startup delay detection and optimization.
  • User-friendly interface with performance graphs.
  • Autostart program management for faster boots.
  • Boottime notifications and alerts.
  • Advanced boottime analysis tools.
  • Customizable startup delay threshold.
  • Automatic boot timeout recording.
  • Windows performance improvements.

What’s New and Updated in Bootracer Premium?

  • Bootracer premium 8.70 Enhanced compatibility with Windows 11.
  • Improved startup program management.
  • Updated user interface for better usability.
  • New performance optimization recommendations.
  • Streamlined boottime analysis process.
  • Enhanced historical boottime data visualization.
  • Support for the latest hardware and drivers.
  • Faster boot time measurements.
  • Improved notification system.
  • Regular software updates for reliability.


  • Identifies and helps eliminate slow startup programs.
  • Provides real-time boottime monitoring.
  • Offers historical data to track performance changes.
  • User-friendly interface with customizable settings.
  • Supports the latest Windows versions.


  • May not significantly speed up boottimes on all systems.
  • Requires some understanding of startup programs.
  • May not be necessary for users with fast SSDs.
  • Limited to Windows operating systems.


Q1: Is Bootracer compatible with Windows 10 and 11?

Yes, it is compatible with both Windows 10 and 11.

Q2: Can Bootracer improve boot times on all computers?

While it can help optimize startup programs, the impact on boottimes may vary depending on the system’s configuration and the number of startup programs.

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