How To Formulate Goals In The Right Way: 5 Magical Tips

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When you are connected to your goal, it is reasonable, achievable, and concrete, and it lives within you, the necessary actions to realize it arises, and you are motivated to achieve your goal. That’s why it is so important to set and formulate your goals in the right way.

How To Formulate Goals In The Right Way

Stay focused on positive things

Firstly, the goal must not be negative. For example, the problem with “New Year’s vows,” which many of us have gone through (to start a new life in the new year), is that most often they are associated with loss and something negative. Your goal must be presented in terms of exactly what you want, not what you don’t want. For example, if formulate your goal as follows: “I don’t want to get annoyed when I don’t do well” or “I don’t want to get sick,” you’re thinking in terms of what you don’t want. But when people think about the negative, that’s what happens in their lives because they focus on it. Focus on the positive and say to yourself, “I want to learn what I’m not good at yet,” or “I want to be healthy.” And don’t forget to encourage yourself after completing the tasks with gambling or a piece of cake.  Changing the way you express your goal to the opposite is a simple operation, but one that can make a big difference.

Formulate the goal in the right way

And the next thing is to define your goal in such a way as to be able to achieve it independently of the action of others. So, if the realization of your goal depends on the effort or desire of others, you may find yourself in a hopeless situation. Suppose your goal sounds like this: “I want those around me to stop criticizing my appearance.” Such formulation leaves you in a weak position because the realization of your goal here depends on others, not on you. However, the same goal can also be formulated in another way: “What can I do to please myself, regardless of the attitudes of those around me? In this case, you and only you are responsible for achieving your goal. This gives you a sense of self-confidence and the ability to act. Visit Playing With Benefits: 5 Games That Teach Us Life Skills.

Visualize the desired achievement

Imagining that you’ve already achieved your goal and got the result you want is an effective way to motivate yourself with that result. Create an imaginary version of what you’ve already achieved. Live it as a living reality, enter into it. For example, if you find it difficult to decide to start cleaning your workplace, imagine how easy and comfortable it is to work when everything is in its place and there is nothing unnecessary.

To achieve a result it is important to imagine that the possibility of achieving it already exists. The mental picture of the possibility of implementing the goal should be so clear and vivid as to become real to your nervous system. So real that it would evoke the same feelings that you would experience if the goal were realized. Creating a concrete, detailed, and vivid image of having what you want, and developing for yourself a richly detailed scenario in which you directly experience possession, is the main link in the goal-setting process. Live with the feeling of certainty that you have already achieved what you want.

Every night before going to bed, close your eyes and visualize in your mind the image of achievement you want it to be. Visit Site 

Charge the picture of success visualized to you. To do this, increase the size and brightness of this image, add vivid colors, and make the image three-dimensional and dynamic. See how it starts to glow with pulsating light. Pay attention to the fact that every time it attracts your attention more and more. Enrich the image of achievement with stirring music. From that moment on you will notice how information relating to the object of your life purpose will begin to fall into your field of vision, and opportunities will begin to unfold before you that will lead you to its achievement.